Our Vision

The future will unfold
according to
how we design it

This is how we're designing ours.

Our future(s)

The world is changing faster than ever. We're getting ahead of it now.

The future is an ambiguous phenomenon. How does one plan for the future without knowing for certain what it'll be? Do you just assume your most educated guess is correct? Do you avoid planning altogether and take things as they come? With so many variables to influence the direction of "the future" we've defined some of the things we want to see in ours.

Being largely a service company, we are dedicated to improving our customers’ experiences; and that will continue going forward. We know, it sounds cliché, but this isn’t some outlandish and ambiguous promise to slowly add technology or alter a process slightly; this is a desire to participate fully in the design, purchasing, and planning processes of our customers. We are already working to understand how to make the lives of everyone with whom we interact more seamless, enjoyable and efficient in whatever way suits the situation’s unique needs.
We want to leave our mark on the world. Again with the ambiguity, we know, but bear with us. Businesses have more influence than they realize. That’s true in manufacturing, consumer goods, retail and beyond. Being a social enterprise and sustaining a profitable business are not mutually exclusive tasks and we want to use our realm of influence to enact positive changes in people’s lives. This might be through the jobs we take on, participating in community development, progressive hiring practices or something we haven't yet explored.

Encouraging innovation through early adoption of technology and allowing ideas to develop from different areas of our company will continue to drive our growth. We’ve proven it many times throughout our history, and we’ll continue to prove it going forward. Our innovation will not be limited to new machine tools but will be pervasive across every department of our company.

AGile and The idea of many futures

To predict the future (correctly) and create processes based on those predictions, would mean exposing ourselves to risks if we predict incorrectly. This is the reason we’ve adopted an agile mentality.

One of the purposes of agile is to be comfortable with the unknown by setting general goals and visions instead of finite processes. This divides projects into smaller chunks, and if the future as we originally predicted changes, we are able to adjust the scope of our projects accordingly.

We'll take a look at what it means to plan for multiple futures in an upcoming blog post.


What we're working towards

To develop strategic direction we must define our goals for the future.


We are dedicated to improving our customers' experiences. We want to view our customers as long-term partners in manufacturing by becoming more involved in design, production and planning goals.


Using our business to influence positive change in the world. This could be through progressive hiring practices, community involvement, environmental protection or something we haven't yet explored.


Encouraging innovation within our company, within our industry and with our partners. Our goal is to encourage innovation that improves the lives of everyone, and allows good ideas to flourish.


Industry 4.0

The manufacturing industry has seen 3 industrial revolutions take place across many centuries, and we are currently in the midst of a fourth. The industry describes this fundamental shift in mentality by many names; Industry 4.0, smart factories, connected manufacturing etc... but do we really understand what it means?

We will take an objective look at the phenomenon and try to unpack the difference between buzzwords and actionable business practices in an upcoming blog post.

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Our Roots

Chrima started with one man, an idea, and the determination to make it work.

Who we are

A team of passionate people who want to leave their mark on the world.