Our story

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We like building things and we like cool stuff.
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Our story

Define who you are and prove it in what you do.

Since 1960, Chrima has been a leader in custom metal fabrication in Southwestern Ontario. Throughout that time, we’ve grown from a one-man operation to a 65,000 square foot, highly advanced manufacturing space. While we have undergone some drastic changes throughout our history, we have not wavered from the principles upon which we were

Our goals are simple; to make a difference in people’s lives, use our business to influence positive change in the world, and to be part of projects that fit with our vision. We value partnerships and long-term relationships with our customers over one-off jobs; and communication is the fundamental key to our relationships’ success. We want to understand what our customers need today, what they’re planning for the future, and how we can adjust our core business to support their growth.
We are a highly innovative and forward-thinking company, and value innovation in the projects we support. The future will unfold according to how we design it; so we’ve begun designing ours. We are well on our way to company-wide connectivity and soon our shop will be a data-driven manufacturing hub. To support these efforts, we’ve brought in leading edge software and have already integrated Industry 4.0 strategies into our daily business operations.

Ultimately, we are experts in using the tools and machines we own but more than that, we are passionate about our crafts. We have a fierce appetite for learning new skills, adding new services, and improving the ones we have in place. We are not defined only by the machines we own but rather by our passion, creativity and desire to design and create quality products. Going forward, we are thrilled to continue our personal growth and support our partners in theirs.
Define who you are and prove it in what you do


Square foot manufacturing hub

Some things we care about

Our core business is manufacturing, but we must be conscious corporate citizens above all else.


The Environment

The belief is that manufacturing is a net polluting industry which is why we are working to become more conscious of our carbon footprint. We have already added several technologies to reduce our energy consumption, reduce machine idle time and increase material recycling practices; and we're just getting started.

Social Responsibility

Equal Opportunities

Everyone deserves equality in this world and that is something we advocate wholeheartedly. We take great pride in the diversity of our workforce and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees.


Our Employees

Behind every great company is a dedicated team. We believe very much in designing our future but we wouldn't be where we are without the passion, creativity and hard work upon which our team thrives. We are unbelievably proud of everyone at Chrima and will always put our people first. They are what push us to be better.



Do things that create positive change in the world. Innovation to us means supporting ideas regardless of where they originate. It means supporting companies whose values and vision match our own. It also means being comfortable with uncertainty.


Our Communities

Over our nearly 60 years in business we have developed some fantastic relationships; both personal and professional. We encourage feedback from everyone with whom we interact and love being involved in our communities. We also love growing our networks and creating new relationships.


Some of our past projects

Throughout our time in business we've had the opportunity to work on some fantastic projects with equally as amazing companies in a variety of different industries. Some include green energy, electronics manufacturers, companies involved in energy transfer systems, agricultural, and food processing suppliers. We also work with both on and off road construction equipment and have subcontracted to the defence industry.

While these are some of the industries we've worked with in the past, we have had exposure to many others and are always interested in exploring new ones.

Let us know if you have a new one for us.

More information

Our history is rich and future bright.

Our roots

Chrima started with one man, an idea, and the determination to make it work.

What's next?

The future will unfold according to how we design it; so we've begun designing ours.