Laser Cutting

CHRIMA | Laser Cutting

multiple flat sheet laser cutting systems

• Fully automated process, including part sorting and material storage

• Full offline programming

An early adopter of the technology, Chrima has multiple flat sheet laser cutting systems in use including automated loading / unloading and part sorting equipment and engineers who are experts in using them. Our facility is equipped with the most technologically advanced Trumpf industrial 2D lasers available. Our lineup includes a 3000 watt model with a unique 80" x 160" cutting bed, a 5000 watt version and a 6000 watt laser with a 60" x 120" cutting bed and the capability of cutting up to 1" thick carbon steel. Chrima's flat sheet laser cutting capabilities put us among the preferred metal fabrication choices for the solar and wind renewable energy industries, defence subcontractors, electronics manufacturers and any customers requiring the high volume, ultra-precision cutting that only current flat sheet laser cutting systems can deliver.