CHRIMA | History

Chrima began with one man, an idea and the determination to make it work.

Bill Christian was working for a company in Stratford, Ontario but he recognized there was a growing demand for custom metal fabrication services in the area. In 1960, he purchased three acres of land in nearby Shakespeare. In his spare time, he dug a well by hand, built a 30 foot by 30 foot building on the site and began acquiring the necessary tools to open his own shop. He continued to work full-time, even as he worked to grow his fledgling metal fabricating business and to attract new clients.

In 1963, Chrima – short for Christian Machine – had grown to the point where Bill was able to make the company his full-time focus. In 1971, Chrima Iron Work was registered as a company in Canada.

Chrima - History

With success came growth. Chrima undertook multiple additions to the original Shakespeare shop, while expanding into several new manufacturing locations in and around Stratford. A sizeable addition to the location on Douro Street made it possible to centralize all of the various metal fabrication operations under one roof.

Chrima has come a long way in 55 years. From a hand-built building with 1960's era welding and metal working gear to a modern facility equipped with state-of-the-art laser, plasma and robotic welding equipment, the company continually invests in the latest metal fabricating technology.

Throughout the transition from a one-person operation to today's 65,000 square foot, high tech plant, two things have remained constants. Chrima has been committed to providing superior quality and highest level of customer service possible, and the company has always been a family business. Today, Bill's son Dan Christian is at the helm, while many of our customers started working with Chrima back in those Shakespeare days.